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To the Minister for Justice, the Hon Brendan O'Connor MP.

I wish to make a submission regarding the "Consultation on implementation of model drug schedules for Commonwealth serious drug offences" proposal. My submission incorporates a pro forma used by others, because I consider these points to be worthy of acknowledgement, but I also include some material of my own that I would like to see addressed.

1) In response to question E of the discussion paper I would like to submit that:

a) I oppose any further scheduling of any plants.

b) Those plants that are of concern in regards to drug trafficking and organised crime are already scheduled and any further scheduling will only confuse matters, while criminalising normal behaviour of law abiding citizens.

Greg Kasarik (

Submission to the Consultation on Implementation of Model Drug Schedules for Commonwealth Serious Drug Offences
Greg KaĊĦarik - 11 Feb 2011

I am writing to oppose any attempts to make plants illegal on the basis of various mind altering substances that they contain. While I am sure that others will address the proposals in order to highlight their impracticality, I do so because your proposals are yet another attack by the Federal Government on my rights, under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution, to practice my religion freely. It is my intention to highlight that these additional restrictions are yet another attack on the principles of religious freedom as contained not only in the Constitution, but also under our obligations with respect to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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